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Area of Excellence
Magnet Design and Manufacture

Magnet Design and Manufacture

Bonded + Sintered Rare Earth
Bonded Ferrite Magnets
Cast + Sintered AlNiCo and Ceramic
Magnet Design and Manufacture


Patterns of all shapes, sizes and grades
Magnet Design and Manufacture


Design, prototyping, testing
and mass-production

Magnosphere is known for its pursuit of excellence in magnet technology, as a manufacturer & fabricator of bonded & sintered rare earth magnets, permanent magnets and assemblies, lift and workholding magnets, current rotors and oil-cooled electromagnets, bonded ferrite, cast & sintered alnico magnets & ceramic magnets. Discover our expertise with magnetization patterns in all shapes, sizes & grades. We inventory standards and offer design, engineering & custom fabrication from prototype to production. We are an expert supplier and manufacturer of magnets and magnetic products into a B2B environment already working with major plc's and blue chip organizations. We offer our products worldwide. Magnosphere can design, engineer and manufacture magnets to your specifications and application need. A quick and easy to use request for quote form is provided for you to contact us. We are the right resource, whether it’s for the manufacturing of permanent magnets and magnetic assemblies including flexible strip and sheet, ceramic, alnico, neodymium or samarium cobalt magnets. Whether it's sizing a magnet to fit an application, choosing the most cost effective material or finding what will work best from our large inventory, we can help. Magnosphere supplies products meeting ITAR registration by the DDTC, and is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Lets discuss your project needs.

Magnete in der Industrie - Flugzeug
Magnete in der Industrie - Flugzeug
Magnete in der Industrie - Flugzeug
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